Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Good Debut For A Great Car

Well with the showing that the 2009 Camaro had, it's a good thing that GM is going to build the car. The Camaro had had a long life with muscle car fans in this country, and it's poised to do it all over again, if GM can stay in business. They seem to be having a rough time along with all the other motor companies.
The Camaro came out in 1967, to do battle with the Ford mustang, and a battle it was, either car could win with the right person behind the wheel, the right pilot if you will, and then in 1968 Don Yenko, owner of Yenko Chevrolet, in Canonsburg, PA. This brilliant man would create a monster that would give the Camaro name a reputation befitting a king.

The sYc or "Super Yenko Camaro" would propel Don Yenko to super star status in the muscle car world, the cars were very expensive, so in turn not a lot of them were ever produced, 1969 turned out to be the magic year for these cars. In 1969 of the Yenko Camaro two even meaner Camaros would spawn, 1 known as the COPO or "Central Office Production Order" 9560 and the 9561, the only difference between these two cars was the engine, the 9560 "AKA" ZL1 had an all aluminum 427 CID engine rated by the factory at 425 HP, this of course was a serious under rating, the car actually made about 600 HP.
The 9561 was a cast iron block, so you can imagine the difference in performance between the two cars, the power to weight difference was phenomenal, and only the most experienced drivers could even handle one of these monsters, and Chevrolet is poised to do it again with the 2009 Camaro. Ut's not the exact same idea, but it is a great step toward Chevy getting their muscle car heritage back in order.
The 2009 Camaro runs a 400 HP LS2 6-Liter V8 engine, and sporting the power train from a Corvette, this car will be awesome, also sporting 22" rear wheels and 21" front wheels in it's unrevised form, but the spokesman from Chevrolet says that when the car is released it will have 21" rear wheels and 20" front wheels, of course the difference won't be noticeable to your eye, but it will save some cash for Chevrolet.
This car is a tribute to Chevrolet's ingenuity and creativity, the one thing that will help to keep them alive in this economy that seems to be horrible for the automotive industry, if anybody can do it Chevrolet can.
I've been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years now, and worked in all facets of the automotive industry, from mechanical repair to restoration and parts, for American and import cars.

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